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June 23, 2004



Hey Robko,

I haven't read for a while and just had a glut of Rob the roadsnake. What a rollercoaster ride. Sounds so exhilarating. Also a vicarious thrill; part of me wishes I were with you and part is horrified at the thought. Above all, be careful.



ditto for me regarding nurse Ron's comments.

Please, more details. Write more! Much fun to follow....

I think you are soon to visit with Junko......

again, go for the details, sensory, taste, color, etc......

Just want more....... Coco


Rob, let me know if you decide on the Hwy 35 side of the river on your way down. And if you do, stop for a little while in a small town called Maiden Rock, for me. It's inestimably gorgeous, and I fell in love with it in an eyeblink.

Keep in touch. I'll keep watching!

The pastry was delectable, btw.

Bis dann.


stone, mike, bob

Hey Snake,
We're wathcing your blog on the bigscreen tv at our house. Mike and Karen just got here this PM. Wishing you could be with us on the 4th, but the road beckons, I'm sure.
Keep on truckin'....

Wesley Pierce


Keep on truckin. This is a great blog. Now that the Tour de France is on, you will probably be even more popular with locals.

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