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June 17, 2004



I hope you are having a good trip. I am the crazy lady from ND who gave you a ride around MInot gathering supplies and finding a spot to stay. Glad you had a good rest and meal, and sorry you ended with a cold leaving here.

Good luck on the rest of the trip.

Jesse McCormack

Interesting site you have here! I grew up and still live in the Minot, ND area.

Jason Signalness

I'm a good friend of Jesse (the last person to comment here). We're both North Dakota natives... and I have lived in Minot. I think your assessment is spot on. Until a year ago, my current home (Bismarck) was a biker's nightmare. But things have improved in the urban-planning scene. Minot is still not exactly bike friendly.

I hope you enjoyed your cruise through our state.

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