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June 18, 2004


Bob & Myrna

Dear Rob, We have been faithfully following your adventureous journey. Your writings have kept us engrossed and also made us concerned about your safety. We wish you well and we will continue to follow you on to the completion of your trip. Bob can readily identify with your experiences in the small towns having grown up in towns like Battle Mtn.,Nev, Ashton Idaho Ontario, Oregon, etc. Love and best wishes, Myrna and Bob


Hi Miss Hashbrowns,

Loved the little piece about riding with the wind watching the tops of the prarrie grass blowing in a strange stillness.

Wow, you have had your share of rain and cold......

Much fun to read your observations.

Look forward to more.....Gary


Hey Snake,
Am enjoying your narratives. I'm almost there when you describe what you see. Add a plot and some interesting characters, and you'll have a book. I'd like to direct the film.
Be careful out there (but you knew that).
Love ya,
Stone & Lindy

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